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Terms & Conditions

The Client: The recipient of the service

Makeup Artist: Kelly Mackay & if applicable, makeup artist assistants

The Agreement: The contract that exists between the client and the makeup artist for the agreed fee

The fee: The amount payable by the client to the makeup artist for the services agreed

To secure your wedding date booking please note a non-refundable £25 is required. The secured wedding date deposit will be deducted from your final amount


By paying a deposit after the Makeup trial the client is confirming that they are adhering to the following the “Terms & conditions”


The remaining balance of client booking is required to be paid by either cash or bank transfer one week before your wedding date.



Trials are to take place at the makeup artist location in Willingham, Cambridgeshire. On the date of the wedding, the makeup artist will travel to the location where you wish to get ready.


Event makeup is to either take place at makeup artist location or your chosen location.


Travel costs from CB24 5UR for the first 30 miles are included. Any additional mileage will be charged 50p per mile. Parking, Congestion, and toll charges will also be applied. Travel time outside of a reasonable area may be charged at £8.00 per hour.


If the booking requires leaving CB24 5UR before 06:00am, accommodation may be required in circumstances where it is feasible to be closer to the venue or preparation address

This will be quoted at the time of your booking. Accommodation will be price based on cheapest local rate.

Please note there is an additional £20 charge for Sunday's and bank holiday bookings


Venue set up & preparation

The makeup artist will arrive 15-20 minutes before makeup application commences. This ensures that they can set up the workstation and introduce themselves to the Bridal party. Please note that the makeup artist will require an area that provides as much natural light as possible, a table/work surface & electrical socket available.


Changing of preparation location

Where there is a change of the original preparation location, which requires moving from one location to another. A fee of £15 will be applied and any additional mileage incurred; a mileage fee will be applied at 50p per mile.

Destination Weddings

For bookings outside of the UK, accommodation expenses will be applied. The client may organise accommodation for the artist but must be at a reasonable standard. Additionally transport expenses will also be applied. Including any check in baggage costs. This also includes charged for parking fees at airports or public transport to get to the airport.  Where the makeup artist would need to leave their home address before 06:30am to be able to use transports services such as flights, trains and ferries, accommodation close to the airport/station/port may be required. Furthermore, there will be a charged cost of hotel for the night prior to departure. Where artists are unable to travel the same day as the event, after the event had occurred. The client will be charged additional accommodation costs for that night’s stay. A £20 subsistence charge will also be applied for every 24 hours. A travel day fee of £100 will apply on both outbound and inbound travel days. All costs related to a destination wedding will be discussed and agreed by both parties during the booking process.


Responsibility of the client

The client is to notify the makeup artist of any allergies, medical conditions or any reason that may affect the use of any equipment or products. The makeup artist cannot be held liable for any losses or damage that is incurred due to the client’s failure to inform the makeup artist. Additionally, as the skin can have a sudden reaction to anything at any time, in no event will the makeup artist be held liable for damages


Photography & social media

The makeup artist use photography for publicity purposes which include and not limited to the Beauty Bar UK website, media & social media pages. This includes photos taken by the chosen photographer. When appropriate, all parties will be tagged/mentioned.

Any of the above will not be posted until 24 hours post Wedding.

Any questions or you do not consent please email



Any cancellation part of full for the makeup booking with less than 30 days’ notice, the full remaining balance would still be required and non-refundable if already pre-paid, followed by a Termination of Contract email. The booking fee will be treated as a cancellation fee and all completed trials and travel costs will be non-refundable. Payment for trials is non-refundable once the trial has been carried out. In the unlikely event that the makeup artist is unwell or cannot attend your booking they will find a suitable replacement artist. However, if there is no suitable replacement a trial and booking fee will be refunded


Please feel free to ask any questions. I would be more thank happy to help.

Thank you for booking with Beauty Bar UK

I look forward to making you feel amazing on your special day

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