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Kelly is the Founder of “Beauty Bar UK” and started her journey in the Beauty industry in 1994 . She earned her International qualifications from “The Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy” as well as training at the prestigious “Davinia Fermi School of Makeup” in London. Kelly launched ” Beauty Bar UK” in 2016 after living in New York for many years and made a decision to move back to the UK to start a business.


Kelly’s passion for the Beauty industry grew whilst living in New York, where she gained insight into Bridal makeup styles and looks that New York’s Makeup industry had to offer as well as new progressive Beauty treatments.


She is especially inspired by her clients when they return and say they have incorporated something she has taught them into their day to day routine or they have tried something different for a night out.


Throughout her extensive career in the Beauty industry, Kelly’s ability is to make each client feel confident and enjoy the whole Beauty experience. She encourages women to  help draw out the best version of their looks and to also suit their lifestyle. She believes any woman can feel beautiful by realising their own self-image

Kellys connection with her clients is something that she truly values. Meeting women from all walks of life and having the opportunity to connect with interesting new people is one of the biggest reasons she loves her profession. Having fun and enjoying yourself is an essential part of the beauty experience with Kelly.

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